Muslim Marriage Events are proud to help single Muslims looking to find a perfect match.

Apart from being a foundation stone of a family, marriage is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Living in the United Kingdom can cause difficulty for a Muslim to find an ideal life partner,. It is the reason why we are working tirelessly to help individuals find their spouses through Muslim Marriage Events.

In Marriage events, interested individuals come and meet a number of different families, men and women with an intention of finding a spouse. Over the last few years, this has been a very efficient method, having arranged marriages of many Muslim couples. People, who are looking to find a spouse for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or relatives, are also welcome to participate in the event.


Just to make the evening more special and allow people to interact with each other freely at the Muslim Marriage Event – a world class dinner is arranged.


As mentioned above, the main purpose of the event is to pave way for Muslim Marriages in the UK. However, interested people will have to pay for the tickets as it helps us arrange the event efficiently. It is highly appreciated that you contact us ahead of time and purchase tickets in advance as it will give us a better idea in knowing how many people are attending the event. Do not wait, book your tickets. See the event details for ticket prices.

Come and visit our event once and by the will of Allah (SWT), you will find your ideal life partner.

How Does
It Work


After the initial registration there will be a short introduction by the event organisers who will explain in more detail how the event works.

All attendees will be sat on tables with each table consisting of an even number of males & females.

Associates will be seated on the seats on the side and cannot participate on the table rotations.

Once the event starts you will have the opportunity to talk with each other. A time of 8-10 minutes will be allocated on each table.  Once your time is up, the male attendees will rotate around the table (Females stay in the same seat throughout the event).

Once you have met all the attendees on your table the male attendees will move on to the next table and it will be the same process throughout the day.

The day is split into 4 halves.

  1. Table rotations for the first hour and a half.
  2. Lunch with a 3 course buffet meal and soft drinks will be provided to everyone on the day including associates.
  3. Continue table rotations from the last table you left before lunch.
  4. After you have met with everyone you will have the opportunity to arrange a one-2-one with anyone who you feel could be compatible match on separate table or chairs.

You can do this by approaching one of the adviser’s  who will then arrange this for you.

UK Muslim Professionals will be on hand throughout the day to help attendees.

The event will take place in an open plan space to ensure all participants feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and the event remains halal.