We are here to provide you the opportunity to meet your future partner

“Our goal is to match muslims with their dream partners.”

Marriage is an important part of every individual’s life and so is finding the right match.

We at Muslim Marriage Events have been running single Muslim matrimonial services successfully for the last 15 years and have helped many single Muslim women and men find the best match, leading to a successful marriage.

We provide a networking venue for single Muslim women and men in UK. We know how difficult it is for single Muslims to find a suitable match. Muslim marriage events help all Muslims in the UK to find their dream partners.


organised events

At Muslim Marriage Events, we arrange meetings to let single Muslims communicate with each other, according to the Islamic teachings.

The family members of the individual can also join the event.
Marriage in Islam is about establishing a healthy family environment by welcoming the challenges and responsibilities that come with this relationship.

We also guide young girls and boys to look for moral and religious values necessary to form a successful Islamic marriage instead of going for beauty, wealth and social status.

Saturday 4th February 2023 - Royal Nawaab - London (Aged Event)

Wedding ceremonies

A wedding ceremony is a special & spiritual event in Islam requiring many arrangements.

Muslim Marriage Events UK understands the busy lifestyle of people and offers professional wedding arrangement services for couples.

All main events including Nikkah and Walima are organised in the light of Islamic values.

Muslim wedding stage