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Muslim Marriage Events | Medical/Health Care Professionals Event

London | Birmingham | Manchester | Leeds | Leicester | Glasgow | Medical Event

Muslim Marriage Events | Medical/Health Care Professionals Event

Sunday 24th June 2018

11.30am - 4.30pm

NHS & Private Medical/Health Care Professionals

(Doctor's, Nurse's, Consultants, Pharmacist's, Dentist's, Nurse's etc 

Tipu Sultan Majestic Dining

43 Alcester Road
B13 8AA

  • 3 Course buffet meal with soft drinks will be provided on the day
  • (Tea or coffee is not provided with your 3 course buffet meal)

Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sales

  1. There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you found someone compatible or not
  2. If you cannot attend on the day once tickets have been purchased, no refunds will be given
  3. Tickets cannot be forwarded to future events
  4. Once tickets have been issued, they are not allowed to be transferred to friends or family
  5. No one under the age of 18 is allowed at the events, which includes chaperons/mehrams with baby's 
  6. We do not promote or allow men who are looking for 2nd wife 

Please Note

  1. We are now taking card payments over the phone
    (Please call Alisha on 07737309349)
  2. Paypal payments are below

This is a great platform for businesses to promote their brand in the professional community. 

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NHS Medical Professionals Event

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Tips to Choose the Best Partner at Muslim Marriage Events Birmingham

Marriage is the most important decision of our lives. When you are able to take this major life decision properly, it could directly impact your whole life in a positive manner. Life never remains the same after getting married. Therefore, it is suggested to take this vital life decision after a lot of speculation and thorough research.

Amongst all the given considerations, one of the most crucial factors that you need to consider during the marriage is the selection of the right life partner. There are specific Muslim Marriage Events that perform the role of searching the best and well-suited life partner for you in a typical Muslim marriage. Islam is one of the most significant proponents towards finding & marrying the right person to start the new journey of life. If you are looking for the best partner in a Muslim marriage, then here are some important points for you to consider:

  • Du’aa: Du’aa is considered to be the most powerful weapon of those who believe in something. Why not consider using it to your advantage? You must believe that everything that happens in your life, Allah is the main reason behind all of it. Even though this principle might seem a bit conventional, yet if you truly practice faith in Allah, you must keep making du’aa in his favors. When you believe that Allah is responsible for all good things happening in your life, your wish to get married to the perfect life partners will also get fulfilled simultaneously.


  • Work on Your Flaws: The first step towards correcting one’s flaws is to properly inspect one’s own personality. Ask yourself “would you marry yourself?” By analyzing your true traits, you are able to become a more refined individual in every aspect. When you expect something out of your life partner, this goes the same with you. Even the other significant individual would expect something out of you as well. Therefore, it is important to work on your personal flaws & correct them before looking out for potential options for marriage.


  • Are You Prepared?: This is another important aspect that you need to consider while looking out for an apt life partner. Are you ready to get married? Marriage is not just a union of the souls & a happy-ever-after story. It comes with its own set of rules & responsibilities. As such, you must be prepared for all the duties that come as a part of Muslim marriage. As Muslim, you must realize that you should get married as it is the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet. Only when you are prepared to take all of your responsibilities properly, you should start searching for the partner you have dreamt of.


  • Always Involve Your Parents: Marriage tends to be an integral life decision that sometimes might involve parental supervision. Though most of the modern-age Muslim girls & boys might not prefer it, you cannot undermine the level of experience your parents have in this aspect. Given their years of expertise in judging people right, you must take their guidance or suggestions while taking one of the most important decisions of your life. Our parents are the only individuals alive on this planet who truly care for us. So, why not involve them in this major life event?


  • Be Realistic: Sometimes, when we tend to live too much in our dreamy world, we fail to understand the bitter truths of life. However, as far as Muslim marriage is considered, you must not take it on a light note. Be immensely serious & highly realistic towards your approach of coming up with the perfect Muslim life partner. Therefore, you must keep your hopes realistic towards finding your Muslim partner.


  • Befriend Good People: When you are in the company of good people, there are higher chances of coming up with better life partner options. This will open up doors for meeting potential marriage proposals as you reach the desired age. Look out for the traits that you would like in your partner and go for befriending such people.


Make sure you select the best life partner at our Muslim Marriage Events by following these tips!


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Please Note

  • There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you found someone compatible or not.
  • If you cannot attend on the day once tickets have been purchased, no refunds will be given.
  • Tickets cannot be forwarded to future events.
  • Once tickets have been issued, they are not allowed to be transferred to friends or family

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